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cdm created the topic: Dark Wish EA Roundup

Gamers need more information, this is great and I am happy to oblige.  Here are some new notes that I have put together to give a rough over-view of where the game is now and where I want it to be for final release.


Early Access Notes

This information is a rough guide to the EA release. As the game changes only more content will be added.

  • Dark Wish has approx 7 hours game-play to complete the main story directly.
  • Procedural generation is used to provide randomly generated content.
  • There are currently just over 40 types of animals, and 24 types of plants to see.
  • There are roughly 24 set locations, with three town areas.
  • There are currently 151 weapons in the game, and 19 armours. There are many other items such as headgear, backpacks, and charms.
  • A new game plus mode is unlocked on the character when you end the story.

Early Access Road-map

The following ideas and plans are on the horizon for development in Dark Wish as it approaches full release.

  • Removing the 'slow travel' on the Overworld, and using a fast travel with random interruptions.
  • Soon after this, adding 'travel maps' that connect the over-world travel via game-play rather than menu.
  • Adding caves or dungeon like side-areas to explore.
  • A lot more town scenery content and better designed towns.
  • This will then be used with a 'gathering' system for collecting materials or items, and a 'building' mode integrated into the game and quests for settlement building.
  • Content expansion to add any new or needed dialogue, quests, locations, etc.
  • A survival mode that allows endless play with rogue-like mechanics to accompany the story mode.
  • Full Steam Workshop support for mods with modding guide and template examples.


Support and feedback is much needed to make sure I craft the game in the right direction.

Please drop you opinions and feedback to my crafty and awesome road-map, do you think Dark Wish is heading in the right direction?

Any support for this game is much appreciated, pick up a copy on Steam to help the development.

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