Dark Wish is a turn-based indie game, set in a harsh desert.

The game features a new character attribute system, has a spiced up combat system, and has full item and armour visualisation.

Dark Wish is currently built using an in-house engine that is built upon the excellent LÖVE framework (an open source OpenGL+SDL graphics and audio toolkit).

For more information about Team-Jungle, such as correspondence details, see the about page.

Dark Wish is now avaialbe on the Steam store page.


Expected 'Early Access' release date is late April (2018), for PC on Steam.

Enjoy some screenshots of the current version of the game.


A new open overworld map.

A new art direction with character art redesign and user interface totally overhauled.

A turn based combat system, but fast and free flowing.

A comprehensive inventory system, with item information.
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