Dark Wish is a turn-based indie game, set in a harsh desert.

The game features a new character attribute system, has a spiced up combat system, and has full item and armour visualisation.

Dark Wish is currently built using an in-house engine that is built upon the excellent LÖVE framework (an open source OpenGL+SDL graphics and audio toolkit).

For more information about Team-Jungle, such as correspondence details, see the about page.

Dark Wish is now avaialbe on the Steam store page.


Please download the pdf directly from this website here.


The gamer guide covers basic mechanics in the game, and should give a clearer idea of how to play Dark Wish.

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Dark Wish has been released on Steam, with a new price.

As posted in the steam announcement the main reasoning is I am desperate for feedback to continue, after a long winter of making no progress in the development I needed to change the scenery in order to get some refreshment.

The main code change in 1.19 is that ALL code of the game and my engine (monkey box) has been unlocked and is viewable and editable in the src/game and src/monkey_box directories, have a look, play about.

Looking forward to your feedback and criticisms, I will try my best to follow up.

I will be making a user quick start guide shortly to help people with the complexity of Dark Wish, however I hope the in-game tutorials cover most of this.

Happy new year all.


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Early Access patch 1.17 for Dark Wish is now live and contains the 'Mod Manager' tool and 'Dark Wish Modding Guide'. These are easily accessible from the 'Play' button for Dark Wish in your Steam client application.


Modding guide and tools now avilable for use.
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Hey wanderers, the new EA patch version 1.15 will be uploaded soon.

This has taken some time to prepare with the main focus on the travelling aspect of the game. Many experimental modes were trialled, and the selected mode resembles the latest changes in EA but with a slight change in some random maps. New random maps now are extra wide, to emphasise travel. The main navigation system was kept to the over-world map, with the fast mode kept as the default travel method. An on screen text system as added for location notes, to aid in explaining where the player is.

Other visual changes are the new night-time colour and darkness values, to harmonise the visual elements better and to improve atmosphere.

The HUD user interface has two main changes in that over-all is is now more compact. Un-used equipment will use less space and the menu items will hide themselves when not used.

The next changes that will be made are to 'fix' main locations of the game on the over-world map, to fix the town maps (buildings, people, etc) and to add the 'dungeon' map engine to the game. These elements will most likely be released in v1.16 sometime in June.


Visual changes in v1.15: the user HUD is more compact, linework is cleaner, and darkness/lighting levels have been improved.
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Gamers need more information, this is great and I am happy to oblige.  Here are some new notes that I have put together to give a rough over-view of where the game is now and where I want it to be for final release.


Early Access Notes

This information is a rough guide to the EA release. As the game changes only more content will be added.

  • Dark Wish has approx 7 hours game-play to complete the main story directly.
  • Procedural generation is used to provide randomly generated content.
  • There are currently just over 40 types of animals, and 24 types of plants to see.
  • There are roughly 24 set locations, with three town areas.
  • There are currently 151 weapons in the game, and 19 armours. There are many other items such as headgear, backpacks, and charms.
  • A new game plus mode is unlocked on the character when you end the story.

Early Access Road-map

The following ideas and plans are on the horizon for development in Dark Wish as it approaches full release.

  • Removing the 'slow travel' on the Overworld, and using a fast travel with random interruptions.
  • Soon after this, adding 'travel maps' that connect the over-world travel via game-play rather than menu.
  • Adding caves or dungeon like side-areas to explore.
  • A lot more town scenery content and better designed towns.
  • This will then be used with a 'gathering' system for collecting materials or items, and a 'building' mode integrated into the game and quests for settlement building.
  • Content expansion to add any new or needed dialogue, quests, locations, etc.
  • A survival mode that allows endless play with rogue-like mechanics to accompany the story mode.
  • Full Steam Workshop support for mods with modding guide and template examples.


Support and feedback is much needed to make sure I craft the game in the right direction.

Please drop you opinions and feedback to my crafty and awesome road-map, do you think Dark Wish is heading in the right direction?

Any support for this game is much appreciated, pick up a copy on Steam to help the development.

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Hey wanderers, the Dark Wish 'Early Access' store page is now publicly accessible on the excellent Steam platform.

The release date is set to 26th April. Remember that Early Access means that many things will change between now and final release. This is an opportunity for you to try the game as it is and any feedback you have will be used to craft the final polished design.

You can contact me directly by replying to this post, or via twitter.


So Close.
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